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Biometric Screening Services Available

To better meet your needs, we offer two great biometric screening options from vendors we trust: Quest Health Diagnostics and Onsite Diagnostics.


  • Availability throughout the United States
  • On-site health fairs, covering height, weight, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), cholesterol and glucose (finger stick and/or blood draw) conducted by the vendor
  • Management and process support of employer health fairs
  • The ability for an employee to see his or her primary care provider with a designated form (subject to the plan’s copay/coinsurance/cost-sharing)
  • Reporting:
    • For groups with fewer than 50 participants*, the vendor will only report participation level
    • For groups with more than 50 participants*, more detailed reports are available (and custom reports may also be available for an additional fee)
  • Flexible ways to receive services:
    • On site
    • Through a lab
    • Through an employee’s personal doctor
    • Through home test kits

*Quest Diagnostics requires 40 participants; Onsite Diagnostics requires 50 participants.

 Check out the biometric flier on Your Health Alliance for employers, and contact Broker Support at 1-877-917-8489 or with questions.