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COVID-19 Vaccine and Coverage Information

There’s a lot of information going around about COVID-19 and the vaccine rollout. As a physician-led organization, we’re committed to giving you and your employees the most accurate and up-to-date information. Here’s the latest you should know. Please feel free to share this email with your employees and their families.


Vaccine Information

As each week passes, more people will be able to get the vaccine. State and local governments decide who’s able to get it and when, due to limited supplies. Most places in the country have created a phased approach, with healthcare workers, nursing home residents and staff, essential workers, older Americans and those with underlying health conditions able to get the vaccine first. To see who can currently get the vaccine in your area:

  • Visit the website of your local (city or county) public health department or give them a call. This is the best source of information because it’s specific to your local area.
  • Check your state’s public health department website as well:

When it’s a person’s turn to get the vaccine, they must remember to bring their Member ID Card with them. If they have the Hally® app on their mobile device, the virtual ID card on the app works just as well.


New Variants

You’ve probably also heard about new variants of the virus that causes COVID-19. There’s been a lot of information, both true and false, spread about these. At the very least, we know the new variants are a cause for increased caution. While scientists work to discover more about the variants, it’s our job to keep wearing our masks, social distancing, washing our hands often and staying home when we’re sick.


Health Plan Coverage and Benefits

Finally, we encourage you and your employees to visit our webpage to find answers to all your questions about COVID-19 and your plan’s coverage and benefits. Here you’ll find information about coverage, costs and more for COVID-19 tests, vaccines and treatments, along with a wealth of other information.

We know your employees may have questions, and it’s not always easy to find accurate answers. Let us help. They can call us anytime at the number on the back of their Member ID Card. And if you yourself have any questions, you can contact us directly at or by calling (217) 902-8151. We’re committed to keeping you and your employees healthy and informed.