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Illinois Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)

Beginning January 1, 2020, Health Alliance will be exiting the Illinois Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). As SHOP groups renew throughout 2020, they will need to select a new plan for their employees.

To help with that selection, 90 days prior to each group’s renewal, letters will be sent to employers that list a new plan suggestion for their next plan year. However, we will not automatically move groups to the new plan. Groups will need to select the new coverage using the Small Group Employer application.

Employees will also get a letter 90 days prior to their renewal letting them know that their coverage will be changing.

 For more information

If you have questions regarding your coverage options, you may contact the Illinois Office of Consumer Health Insurance at 1-877-527-9431, or Get Covered Illinois at 1-866-311-1119. If you have questions, please call the Client Support team at 217-902-8151.