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Members Have Access to Medication Disposal Program 

Our individual, fully insured and self-funded members with OptumRx pharmacy coverage through their Health Alliance plans now have access to Deterra®, a safe and convenient way to dispose of unused medication. This program helps reduce the amount of drugs that enter our water system from flushing unwanted meds.

Any member with an OptumRx mail drug benefit can request up to two drug disposal kits per year. They must call OptumRx at 1-800-562-6223 and register a home delivery account.

An OptumRx customer service representative will answer the call, and the member or authorized representative should ask for a Deterra kit. The customer service rep will ask a few questions about why the kit is needed. All the member needs to say is that they need it for disposal of unneeded medication.

The kit should arrive in about 7–10 business days.

During the call, the customer service rep will also talk to the member about the benefits of home delivery and ask if they would like to use it. If the member is not interested, they can say no.

It is important to know that members are not required to change the way they receive their medications to home delivery to take advantage of this program, especially if they already enjoy cost savings at one of our preferred cost-sharing pharmacies, like Walgreens.

If the member or authorized representative wants to ask specific questions about Deterra kits and how to use them, an OptumRx pharmacist may speak to the member. Any other questions about the program can be directed to our Pharmacy Department at 1-800-851-3379, option 4.