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SHOP Exchange Clarification

You may have read news headlines this week saying implementation of the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) exchange has been delayed until 2015.

The delay is only in allowing individual employees the opportunity to shop for their health plan from among multiple carrier plans offered on the SHOP exchange. The exchange would then collect the premium and send it to the carriers. This is referred to as an employee choice model.

Instead, the SHOP exchange will initially be built as an employer choice model that allows the employer to make a plan purchase for all of their employees. The premium billing will be done by the carriers.

The news media references to a delayed SHOP exchange are based on this delay in employee choice. Additionally, this delay is specific to the exchanges that will be run, in full or in part, by the federal government.

Overview: ACA Federal Taxes and Fees

When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law, various taxes and fees designed to help pay for the changes to mandated coverage and care also became legal requirements. While most are effective in 2014, employers, agents, individuals, and insurers are all starting to see these taxes and fees.

We’ve developed a chart to help you understand the who, what, when, and how related to ACA taxes and fees. Log in at Your Health Alliance to view the chart, or contact your client consultant for a copy.