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Updates to Employer Group Reports on Your Health Alliance

On Your Health Alliance for brokers, you can now access employer group reporting for large groups of 25 or more subscribers. The subscriber count will be calculated at the time of sale and at renewal. All brokers will automatically have access to reporting for qualified groups.

Principal agents will have access to their group reports plus all of the agency’s group reports. Assistants, with the principal agent’s permission, will also have access to all of the agency’s group reports.

The following reports will be available.

  • Income Statement
  • Cost Use Comparison
  • Per Member Per Month Comparison
  • Cost Use by Year
  • Catastrophic Claim Report
  • Member Cost by Claim Level
  • Discount Report
  • Diagnosis by Category
  • Top 10 Vendors

The reports will post quarterly (the month after the quarter ends, based on the group’s renewal date) on the 20th of the month. Brokers will receive an email when the reports are available. Your employer groups will also get this notice and have access to the same reports.

To learn more, see the Guide for Brokers. If you have any questions, contact Broker Support at 877-917-8489 or