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Group Medicare Supplement Renewal Rates Approved

The 2019 Medicare Supplement rates were approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance on December 12. We sent a renewal mailing to Medicare supplement members on December 17, and we began sending group renewals on December 19.

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Group Medicare Supplement Renewals Delayed

Last week we sent the renewal mailing to group Medicare supplement members without the 2019 rates included, as these have not yet been approved by Department of Insurance (DOI). The renewal mailing informs members of the 2019 Original Medicare benefits. A cover letter explains that we’ll mail the rates separately once we receive approval.

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Online Quoting Available for 2019 Small Group Plans

Our 2019 small group rates and plans are now available for quoting in the private exchange at

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Retro Change Policy for Exhibit Bs

The Exhibit B for your group contains eligibility terms of the contract and more. This document must be reviewed and re-signed upon renewal. We do not accept retro changes to the Exhibit B more than 30 days after your renewal or effective date.

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Updates to Employer Group Reports on Your Health Alliance

On Your Health Alliance for brokers, you can now access employer group reporting for large groups of 25 or more subscribers. The subscriber count will be calculated at the time of sale and at renewal. All brokers will automatically have access to reporting for qualified groups.

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